About Yass Apparel

Yass Apparel is a USA based B2C fashion e-commerce company. Our company was established in 2021 which makes us the new baddies on the block. Yass Apparel was created for the modern-day woman. The take charge, do what we want, dress how we want, unapologetic type of women. Life is too short, and since we are not going to stay young forever, we are here to help encourage women to live their youth to the fullest one mini at a time. We pride ourselves on giving top notch service starting with an excellent product, excellent customer service, and fast delivery. Because it is hard to live your youth to the fullest when you are must spending a lifetime waiting for your package to arrive. So, if you are young, amazing, sexy, or stylish, Yass Apparel is most definitely where you want to be. YASS!!!